Mainstream (Obsolete) Movement Instructions
Starting Formation:   Columns
Dancers facing each other on a diagonal (three pairs) step forward to join adjacent forearms, turn one-half (180) and step forward to finish in the position vacated by the dancer who was originally adjacent to them in the column. Meanwhile, THE #1 DANCER IN EACH COLUMN RUNS INTO THE POSITION VACATED BY THE ADJACENT #4 DANCER WHO IS DOING THE FOREARM TURN. When done from right-hand columns, the dancers facing in turn by the right. When done from left-hand columns, the dancers facing in turn by the left.
STYLING:  Styling is similar to that described for the basics turn thru and fold. Facing out dancers emphasize an arcing turn (180), providing time for facing in dancers to clear their position. After using a forearm turn, dancers blend into hands up position in the column at the conclusion of the call.

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