Basic Movement Instructions
Starting Formation:   Facing Couples (man on left, lady on right).
TIMING:  SS, two ladies across set, 8 steps; three quarters, 10; four ladies across set, 8; three quarters, 10; down the line, 8.
The ladies step forward, extend right hands to each other and pull by. Each man steps forward and to the right, turning left to face the same direction as the lady beside him. The lady extends a left hand to the man for a courtesy turn. Couples end facing each other. (b) FOUR LADIES CHAIN: Starting formation - square or circle of 8 dancers. Similar to two ladies chain except that all four ladies step to the center and form a right hand star. They turn the star halfway around to their opposite men. All courtesy turn to face the center of the set.
STYLING:  : Men release partner then turn right shoulder slightly toward the center of the square to begin the courtesy turn portion of the call, step back with the left foot. Ladies use handshake pull by for two ladies chain. No skirt work except as part of the courtesy turn. Three quarter and four ladies chain, ladies use the hands up palm star, touching right hands in the star pattern. It is important that the man clears a path for receiving the lady after the chain by moving slightly to the right and starting the courtesy turn motion before the lady arrives.

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