"Lost Squares"

August 1987

In 1986, CALLERLAB introduced a procedure for 'LOST SQUARES'. It was approved with some small changes in 1987 and reads as follows:

The following method of returning to dancing once a square has broken down, shall be a uniform method to be taught to all dancers for class programs through all approved CALLERLAB dance programs:


  1. Return to home position as soon as possible.
  2. The head ladies will take their corner's hand and head couples will back out to form lines at the sides of the square.
  3. On the caller's command "EVERYBODY go forward and back", they enter into the dance pattern.


  1. Recognize that a number of sets have broken down and have formed lines at the sides of the hall.
  2. Place the dancing squares into lines that are in a normal boy/girl arrangement.
  3. Give the command "EVERYBODY go forward and back" in a bold voice which is the command for the broken squares to enter into the dance pattern.