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Welcome to the Animated Square Dance Patterns Series. This Square Dancing series was designed to assist you in recalling forgotten steps, in basic, Mainstream, Plus or Advanced. This is NOT a replacement for Square Dance Lessons, but intended to supplement them. All moves will work with either PC with Windows 95 (or higher), MacIntosh with OS 9.1, an Internet browser - Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or Netscape 5 or higher are the recommended browsers. The animations can be controlled by using the buttons at the bottom of each movie to play it in a continuous sequence, or using the "STEP" buttons, to advance/go back frame by frame. To run the movie, you must hit the play button. The "NORMAL" and "SLOW" buttons, just select the speed of the movement.

If you like this program and would like to promote it at your local club and dances, I have included a flyer page that you can distribute to your fellow dancers. This file flyer95.doc is a Word 95 document that can be opened in Word and then printed.

If you are having problems, viewing the movie, it is recommended that you re-read the instructions in the Read Me first instruction page.

All movements thru Advanced are available NOW on CD ROM. Volume 1--contains Basic, Mainstream, and Plus. Volume covers Advanced. Each set costs $31.99 and $5.00 for shipping. To purchase your copy, contact R. Gartner at (703) 430-8654 or send an e-mail.   The e-mail address is

Please feel free to contact me for technical support. I wish to learn of problems, so I can correct any deficiencies in future versions. I would also appreciate feedback on how your imperssion of the program and what changes or variations you would like to see made. You can e-mail me at at the address listed above.

WARNING: All rights reserved. Animations and artwork provided in this service are provided for personal use only. Unauthorized duplication or distribution is a violation of applicable laws and is strictly prohibited.

All formation information is the copyright property of Callerlab. © Copyright 1983, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1994, 1995, 1996, Bill Davis, John Sybalsky and CALLERLAB. Permission to reprint, republish, and create derivative works without royalty is hereby granted, provided that this notice appears and that all information contained herein is retained in any derivation or publication.

Special thanks to O. Lutz of Danceworld in Melborne, Fl for reviewing the CD and offering comments and corrections to make it a better product. Be sure to stop by his facility to dance if you're in the neighborhood. His web site is

The creator of this series would appreciate your cooperation in not making ILLEGAL copies to share with friends and club members, as a great deal of time, hard work and expense has gone into the development. The cost has been deliberately been kept low to encourage all to purchase it. Please Support your local Square Dancer.
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This is a site created by a square dancer for square dancers. The site and CD were designed to promote Square Dancing. While taking lessons, many students had trouble using the Square Dance Booklets promoted by Callerlab. To make learning easier, I created the Square Dancing Animations for Basic, Mainstream, and Plus. Since it can be totally controlled, a student can learn Square dancing at their own pace. The easier it is to learn and to remember the Square Dancing patterns, the more people will be inclined to join our Square Dance community. Besides giving examples of Square Dancing Patterns, I have added links to Square Dancing Clipart, and Square Dancing sites that promote dancing in various areas of the country.