Installation Instructions

This Program will automatically work in the latest Internet Browsers. Since most people already have access to the Internet and/or AOL, no action is needed. If you had previously viewed my web page, then the program should work with no problem. You do not have to be online to run the CD. Click here to test (Use the "Back" button on the browser to return to this page) one of the pages. If you can control the figures, then your machine will run the whole CD. If you do not see it, then you will get a dialog box suggesting that you install the "Flash Player". If you choose yes, then you will be connected to the Website (assuming that you are connected to the internet with your modem) for downloading the latest version of the program. If you choose no, and return to this page, you can install the file from the CDROM by clicking on either of the 2 links shown. When the option come up to save it or run it from the current location choose the option of running it. Choose whichever link matches your browser FLASH plug-in for Internet Explorer or FLASH plug-in for Netscape Instructions (for those with small hard drives, this only occupies about 50K...very small). If that doesn't solve the problem, I also have included on the CD, the version 5 of Microsoft Internet Explorer, and Version 4.5 of Netscape Navigator. To obtain the latest version, go to the Microsoft or Netscape websites.

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Browser Installation

To install either of these, from the CD, to your machine, click on the appropriate icon below and follow the instructions in the dialog boxes.
It is recommended that you go directly to the Microsoft or Netscape site and download the latest version. In the event you have trouble, the copies (outdated) are on the CD.

If you still have problems, you can get troubleshooting help from the following websites.

Troubleshooting Websites

To connect directly by using the link below, be sure that you are connected to the internet via your ISP or AOL.

For Internet Explorer 5

For Netscape 4.6

Macromedia "Shockwave for FLASH" Help

If you continue to experience problems, please contact me at (703) 430-8654 in the evenings.
Thank you for your support. I hope that you enjoy the program.
Bob Gartner

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